Shaq is one of the most exciting players to ever hit the basketball court and the most fruitful stretch of his career was played with the legendary Los Angeles Lakers. There have been a plethora of great stars who have played with the squad and when Shaq went on ESPN's First Take, the crew debated who should be on the Lakers Mt.Rushmore.

The debate was had between Shaq, Max Kellerman, and the walking L Ryan Hollins. Hollins makes some ridiculous points whenever he replaces Stephen A. Smith and tried to include LeBron on the team's Mt. Rushmore. James has only played one season with the Lakers and couldn't even make the playoffs so it was clear that his point was invalid.

Meanwhile, it was agreed that Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson should all be there, with the fourth spot up for grabs. While some felt like Shaq deserved consideration, the Big Aristotle was quick to deflect attention from himself and said Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should get the honor.

Kareem has the most points all-time and was a huge part of the Lakers success in the 1980s. Shaq's list is a pretty solid one, although he would certainly be an honorary fifth member of the pack.