If there was one beef that NBA fans truly didn't care about anymore, it would probably have to be Shaq and Dwight Howard. The two have been at each other's throats since the 2000s, although only Shaq seems to be petty enough to keep the feud going. Shaq has been steady trolling Howard for years now and instead of replying back with some vigorous trolling of his own, Howard has taken the high road and has professed his love for Shaq instead.

Yesterday, we reported on Howard who told ClutchPoints' Ryan Ward that “Shaq and Kobe are some of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball. I have nothing but love and respect for those guys.” In a new Instagram post, Shaq responded to those comments and instead of trolling, he complimented Howard.


"Love u to Dwight," Shaq wrote.

Shaq never really expanded on this comment further so there is no telling whether or not it was just a sarcastic jab. We know trolling isn't exactly beneath Shaq as he does it every single day to Charles Barkley on TNT. 

Now that these two seem to be on good terms, we hope this beef is finally going to be put to bed. It's long overdue especially with Shaq out of the league for almost a decade now.