Shaquille O'Neal has kept himself busy since retiring from the NBA thanks to his analyst gig with Inside The NBA and several other projects including acting, owning Krispy Kreme stores, and DJing under the name DJ Diesel. On top of that, Shaq is now opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas dubbed "Big Chicken," which we hope has a special "Barbecue Chicken Alert" menu item in honor of Shaq's favorite phrase. 

According to Bleacher Report, the "Big Chicken" launch will be showcased via Facebook Watch in an eight-episode reality series, chronicling Shaq's decision making as he attempts to get the chicken spot up and running on time. As part of the reality series, viewers will be able to provide input on Facebook Watch and help Shaq throughout the process.

Per Bleacher Report:

"[Viewers will be able to tell me] what kind of dishes they like, decor, probably ask about designs," O'Neal told Bleacher Report on Wednesday. "I'm just also going to make them feel like this is their spot, too. We're going to make it like a big contest. We'll be flying people in, inviting people to taste tests, stuff like that.

"I want [fans] to see that this is what we built together."

"You're going to see my personality; you're going to see my leadership style, see how I manage people" O'Neal told Bleacher Report. "From winning all those championships and running all those teams, I always said to myself, 'You can never win by yourself.' You definitely have to utilize your teammates. You can never micro-manage your team. My leadership style is always to hire people smarter than me."

The Facebook Watch series, titled "Big Chicken Shaq," will debut this fall, with the Big Chicken restaurant slated to open to the public sometime later this year.