Shaq is a massive human being at 7'1" and with this in mind, you would think he would drive a car that suits him. Even being a moderately tall person, finding cars that accommodate you can be a bit of challenge. Despite this, Shaq doesn't seem to care about the size of his car and will cram himself into any tiny space imaginable. This was the case when TMZ caught the NBA legend out in New York City.

As you can see from the video below, Shaq gets into a micro-sized Smart Car and looks goofy as hell doing so. He doesn't look very comfortable in the driver's seat as his head is practically touching the roof, all while his legs are crammed in the cockpit.

Onlookers seemed pretty confused by what was going down and honestly, it's with good reason. You would expect Shaq to get into a large SUV and even have his own driver. But no, Shaq was determined to get himself inside of that tiny vehicle and drive it himself. One would have to admire his determination in this instance as even someone a foot shorter than him would struggle in that car.

Perhaps in the future, Shaq will see the error of his ways and cop a car that suits him. It would certainly benefit him, his safety, and his gargantuan frame.