During the early 2000s, the Los Angeles Lakers had a complete stranglehold over the NBA. In 2002, the Lakers were going for their third-straight championship with Shaq and Kobe Bryant at the helm. They ended up going against the New Jersey Nets who didn't have much of a chance. The Lakers easily won the series in just four games and proved themselves as one of the greatest dynasties of all time.

In a recent interview, Shaq was asked about the 2002 NBA Finals and unsurprisingly, the NBA legend had some harsh words about the series. Considering the results, Shaq's comments are almost impossible to disagree with.

Shaq and Kobe

Harry How/Getty Images

“It was boring,” Shaq said. “It was boring because, what was that center’s name – Todd MacCulloch? Todd MacCulloch playing me? Stop it. You know what’s crazy? I actually got mad when we were playing in Jersey. You think Todd MacCulloch is going to stop me at the crib in Jersey in front of my grandma and grandpa?….Sheeeeeit! No. Stop it.”

After this championship, the Lakers eventually split up with Shaq going to the Miami Heat. Meanwhile, Kobe stayed in Los Angeles and won two more championships in 2009 and 2010.

Now that Kobe is no longer with us, we're sure Shaq looks back on those early Lakers days with newfound fondness.