Shaq was one of the best big men of his generation and as far as NBA players go, some people have Shaq in their Top 10. Needless to say, Shaq has seen and done it all, and he knows how to evaluate talent. Sometimes though, Shaq comes across as a bit of a hater and that is exactly what happened earlier in the season as he continuously took some shots at the likes of Rudy Gobert on the Utah Jazz.

Gobert had just signed a $200 million deal and it had Shaq lacing into Rudy for his lack of offensive production. However, during an episode of The Rex Chapman Show, Gobert admitted that he actually had no issues with Gobert. Instead, he's actually a bit jealous of the player due to his massive salary.

Rudy Gobertr

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“The reason why I bring up Rudy Gobert, people think I’m hating, it’s not,” Shaq said. “He’s a good big man, but I’m used to dealing with great big men. When I was coming up in high school, I already knew I couldn’t compete with the Patrick Ewings and the [David] Robinsons, they were great and they weren’t even making that much money. When I tell the story, people think, ‘Oh you’re just jealous!’ Yeah, I am jealous that he’s making $250 [million]. Yeah, I’ll say I’m jealous. However, for this game of ours, it can motivate a young kid today… All these guys that are watching, this is what motivates them.”

It's surprising to hear Shaq be honest about this kind of jealousy although, in a way, you kind of have to admire it. Not to mention, Gobert and the Jazz are having an incredible season, which has forced Shaq to admit defeat.


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