Shannon Sharpe sat down on the set of Fox Sports 1's "Undisputed" this morning, pulled out a Black & Mild and that's really all you need to know.

But if you need the details, Shannon broke out the "victory cigar" this morning in honor of the Denver Broncos' win over the Oakland Raiders, and because Skip Bayless's Dallas Cowboys and Joy Taylor's Miami Dolphins both took an L on Sunday.

Both of Shannon's co-hosts were basically at a loss for words when the NFL Hall of Famer pulled out his celebratory Black & Mild, but the exchange went something like this (H/T Complex).

Sharpe: If your team won, you can enjoy me with a victory cigar.

Bayless: You smoke cigars?

Taylor: You’re calling Black and Milds cigars now?

Sharpe: I be on them Milds! I be on them milds with that yak hard yesterday.

Taylor: Shannon, this is very off brand. I’m just going to say that.

Sharpe: Joy, first of all, if your team did not score a point yesterday, please do not touch the victory cigar!

Taylor: I think by not smoking the Black and Milds, I’m actually…

Bayless: Where did you buy those at? Rite Aid?

Sharpe: Hold on, first of all, Skip, why you be on me on these Milds? Cause I be on these Milds and Henn Dawg and now y’all got problems with me. Let me celebrate!

Naturally, images and video of Shannon Sharpe sitting on the set of Undisputed with a Black & Mild in his mouth quickly circulated and before long the former Broncos tight end was trending on twitter. Some say he is one of our national heroes, others dubbed him the greatest living American, and a few more instantly declared him the new President of the United States.

You can check out the video clip from today's show below, as well as some of the twitter reactions.