Shannade Clermont truly lived up to her former reality show's name. As a member of Bad Girls Club, Clermont became a popular face around town alongside her twin sister. They both ended up modelling for Kanye West during one of his Yeezy fashion shows, earning a large following on social media. Last year, it was reported that Shannade had scammed a dead man, frauding his debit card information after a prostitution date and she was put on trial. After her court dates were pushed back at the beginning of the year, she has officially been sentenced to spend the next year in prison.

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Considering the fact that Clermont was facing up to twenty years, the sentence she received is pretty light. According to The Shade Room, Clermont spent over $20,000 on the deceased man's debit card, attempting to use the card further before she was caught. The model pleaded guilty last year to frauding the man's debit card information after he passed out during a prostitution date, using the information to pay for her rent, phone bills, luxury clothing, flights, and more. 

Do you agree with her sentence? Do you think they were too light or too strict on her or is one year the perfect amount of time for her crimes?

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