Eminem and his team at Shady have really stepped up their efforts in the roll-out of their compilation double-disc album, Shady XV. Rightly so, as the album celebrates 15 years of Shady Records. After giving us a cypher with Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf and Eminem, plus some short black and white cartoons, we'll be getting one more piece of content presumably before the album arrives on Monday: a mixtape.

During a podcast, DJ Whoo Kid and Paul Rosenberg confirmed the mixtape, revealing it would likely be 66-tracks. The project is being put together by Whoo Kid, who said, "You guys gave me 130 records. Physically, you can’t fit all of them on 80-minute CDs, so we had to do a double disc." 

"Well there's like 66 [tracks]," Whoo Kid says of the mixtape, "3 hours [of music]."

"We figured since there's gunna be so many people that are saying why didn't this song make it, why didn't that song make it, we'll just do something to please everybody," Paul Rosenberg says of the mixtape endeavor. So if you're favorite Em record isn't on the Shady XV best of disc, you'll likely find it on this mixtape.

Are we all excited for this? Listen to the podcast below.