It's no secret that Eminem nurses a healthy hatred for the United States President Donald Trump, having put him on blast on songs like "Like Home," "The Ringer," and perhaps most scathingly, his notorious acapella BET freestyle. As such, the idea of Slim voting Republican in this coming election is a laughable prospect, even though he has yet to openly endorse -- or even speak on -- the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Joe Biden Eminem

Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

 Today, however, Eminem's label Shady Records took a moment to share a meme that's been making the rounds, one that depicts Biden as "B Rabbit" during the legendary 8 Mile final battle. In the clip, Biden walks onto the debate stage to the tune of Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Pt 2," the beat used in the film's climactic scene. Thanks to the magic of clever editing and coincidentally accurate lip-syncing, the illusion of Biden spitting battle-ready bars is actually quite amusing.

And while neither candidate is as eloquent behind a podium as Eminem is behind a mic, it's clear that Shady is standing behind Joe in this particular battle, going so far as to deem him "Biden Rabbit" in the caption. Clearly, rappers are pulling out all the stops to ensure that fans hit the polls in droves, a testament to their anti-Trump dedication; whether or not the entertainment industry can make a real difference has yet to be revealed -- only time will tell?