Shad or, The Old Prince, took to Instagram on Monday to announce his first album since 2013's Flying Colours (Unless you count his Adult Contempt under the pseudonym Your Boy Tony Braxton). The album, set to be called Get It Got It Good, has no release date, but in his announcement, Shad did say when a new song would be coming out: "Yes y'all. New album done. First track coming out on Thurs :)"

Shad posted a video today of himself dancing to a building beat that culminates with him rapping the words "damn it feels good to be back" whereupon the video cuts to black and we get the message "fall 2018," which is presumably the release date of his album.

Get It Got It Good marks a return for rap to Shad, who has spent the last few years in other fields. He began by replacing the disgraced Jian Ghomeshi, who was booted from his radio show, Q, after allegations of sexual harassment and assault. After leaving Q, Shad went on to narrate the award-winning HBO series Hip-Hop Evolution

Shad has been releasing music since 2005 and the break between his last and upcoming album is the biggest yet.