The Coronavirus pandemic has caused concern. Not just for people's healths but also, people's pockets. Government and health officials are urging people to work from home, if possible, and to generally practice social distancing. As small businesses, major corporations, and many others feel the impact on their pockets, sex workers across the world are also being affected heavily by the financial burdens of Coronavirus.

A report published by Associated Press detailed the effects Coronavirus is having on sex workers who've been under-discussed in the face of the current pandemic. In Germany, for example, where prostitution has been legal for nearly 20 years, has seen a major decline in business. This arrives after authorities demanded that all entertainment services announced the temporary closure of entertaining venues, meaning brothels as well.

Of course, as authorities across the globe urge people to practice social distancing, the sex industry has a higher likelihood of contracting COVID-19 because of the skin-to-skin contact. Sex workers are typically self-employed, as well. This means that even gentlemen's clubs are being forced to close down with many of those working at these establishments losing out on money. 

As many services and establishments are forced to have to shut down to combat spreading COVID-19 further, sex workers and supporters of the sex industry have been spreading awareness for resources and fundraising to help ease the financial burden that the COVID-19 crisis has placed on their shoulders.