While the rest of us were watching an epic finish to Super Bowl 51, a couple of thieves were busy breaking into Kobe Bryant's alma mater, Philadelphia's Lower Merion High School, and stealing a ton of Kobe Bryant memorabilia.

Among the items taken from "Kobe's Shrine" at Lower Merion were a 1996 state championship trophy and net, as well as several Kobe-autographed Nikes which have the most value of any of the items stolen. 

Additionally, the thieves grabbed a Kobe jersey, although it was just a replica and not the one he actually wore at Lower Merion- so it doesn't have any significant monetary value.

Per Philly.com;

“We’re bummed,” said Doug Young, Lower Merion’s Director of Community Relations, who said he couldn’t understand why someone would steal items that don’t have a significant monetary value.

“It’s a replica jersey, it’s not even the jersey he wore in high school,” said Young, a high school teammate of Bryant. “I’m not sure what someone would do with a state championship trophy. For us, the items are important because they represent some really wonderful memories.”