Chicago can't seem to catch a break. Although the city reported it's lowest monthly homicide rate in 55 years almost three weeks ago, yesterday seven people were shot during an album release party in the Gresham neighborhood of South Side Chicago.

The launch party took place at Mr. G's Entertainment Center, where the Chicago Tribune reports, a fight broke out around 1 a.m., just as the party was winding down. A gunman opened fire, shooting seven people, six of which went to hospitals on their own according to police.

One 19-year-old woman was shot, while the rest were men ranging from 21-36 years old. Police say that there were hundreds of people in the club when a chair was thrown and shots rang out. The crowd soon panicked and people ran out of the club.

Although there is no information on what led to the fight, police think it may be gang related. Even though the club had cameras, they weren't working, so the police are checking surveillance footage from across the street.

Performing at the event that night was the much-criticized young rapper Lil Mouse, along with King Samson. Each rapper took to Twitter to send condolences out. Mouse tweeted, "Omw 2 lunch I hope everybody ok dat was at MrGs n dat shooting shit crazy n #ChiRaq."

We'll update you as more information on the incident comes in.