Last night, Seth Rogen's series Preacher, based on the popular graphic novel, aired its season finale. Now, it seems to be garnering a bit of controversy over an unexpected "Make America Great Again" hat. Evidently, the episode featured a tank strewn with Nazi Imagery, with a band of people clad in Nazi attire marching behind it. One of the Nazis happened to be wearing the red hat, which has become a modern-day icon, for better or worse. 

Clearly, the powers that be have laid out their hand, taking a strong political stance and sliding it into their series. The move reportedly ruffled the feathers of many Trump supporters, as broken down by Fox News. The irate took to Twitter to voice their displeasure, threatening boycotts and general annoyance with the decision. The ubiquity of politics truly knows no bounds; not even Sunday night television is safe.

Do you feel politics and entertainment should be kept apart? Or are these offended parties becoming the same thing they profess to hate? Either way, Preacher has clearly taken a strong stance against Trump's signature red hat. 

[story via Fox News]