Last week, we reported that Kanye West had asked James Franco and Seth Rogen to perform their parody version of his own "Bound 2," entitled "Bound 3," at his and Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding. Yesterday, Rogen confirmed that this performance is not going to happen.

Rogen appeared on "Ellen" yesterday to promote his new film Neighbors, and he quashed rumors once and for all, saying:

Γ’Β€ΒœMe and Franco got a call and [West] said that he was thinking it may be funny if we performed it at the wedding and we came out on a motorcycle. And then we were like, Γ’Β€Β˜And then what do we do?Ҁ™ And then we were all like, Γ’Β€Β˜I donҀ™t know!Ҁ™ And then we were like, Γ’Β€Β˜ThatҀ™s probably not gonna be very funny!Ҁ™ Because then [West] is like, Γ’Β€Β˜Then IҀ™m just rapping with you and James Franco on a motorcycle for five minutes.Ҁ™Ò€

Though he admitted that the performance "would not be the best idea,Ҁ Rogen said he's a huge fan of West and that ҀIf he wanted me there, I would have been there naked, with a shirt off, however he wanted me, on a motorcycle, doing whatever he needed.Ҁ

Watch the full interview and original "Bound 3" video below.