Other than Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen may be the best known celebrity stoner. On First We Feast's The Burger ShowAlvin Calain puts Rogen's munching credentials to the test as they discuss the finer points of burgers over a tasting menu of three off-menu specials from America's top burger chains: In N' OutShake Shack and Five Guys

Calain, chef of the foodtruck Eggslut, calls these burgers the "objects of worship" of "the burger illuminati" and it's easy to see why. These are not the kind of things any old civilian could eat on the day-to-day. The In N' Out offering, the "double double animal style" is a double cheese burger cooked in mustard with fried onions and chopped chilies, which the two conclude to be the best offering of the three. As Rogen says, "the chilies set it off." The Shake Shack burger is not quite as good. Their in-the-know offering is pretty much a regular burger (that comes on a potato roll, or as Calain calls it, "god's gift to burger world") with a side of peanut butter. As expected, the burger has an overpowering peanut butter taste that is reminiscent of the peanut butter dog treats that the burger joint also serves. The Five Guys special is, per Rogen, in second place. It consists of a thick patty with cheese inside it between two individual grilled cheeses. In Rogen's words, eating this burger is like saying why don't I just "nuke myself."

To be inaugurated into the burger illuminati, watch the video below.