Seth Rogen has steadily risen into the upper echelons of Hollywood with his unique brand of comedy that continually enraptures audiences and critics alike. The actor recently sat down with Vulture to speak about a myriad of topics that are particularly relevant to his career, both past and present. 

Speaking out the Sony hack that many believe was perpetrated by North Korea after the release of his controversial film The Interview, Rogen believes that the highly-contested nation should not be blamed. "When the trailer for The Interview came out we were called into a meeting at Sony, where they told us that North Korea had probably already hacked into their system and seen the movie and that the statements they’d put out was their response. Then, months later, when the movie itself finally came out, all this hacking shit happened." However, the comedian questions why North Korea would wait an extended period of time before performing a widespread hack, noting how "things just never quite added up."

Rogen also admits he would have approached the controversy in a different manner. Instead of playing into the studio's advice to claim ignorance toward the firestorm surrounding the release, the actor instead wishes he publicly stated how he and his team "knew exactly what we were doing with The Interview.”

Elsewhere, Rogen clarifies how marijuana is conducive to his creative process when helming a film project. "What I’ve found, more than anything, is that weed makes me willing to work," he admits. "If I’m stoned I’ll happily work all day long. I don’t really smoke when I’m acting because I can tell I look stoned, but other than that, being high makes me more willing to spend ten hours doing something that could otherwise get laborious."

James Franco's sexual misconduct scandal also became a topic of interest during the discussion, with Rogen admitting that "my perspective on this is the least relevant perspective. I’m friends with these people and I’m a dude. All that combined makes me the last person who should be talking about this." In lieu of these allegations, Rogen admits that he would definitely work with his pal on another project once again.