Desus & Mero have been bringing some illustrious guests to their weekly late-night show on Showtime. Most recently, they brought through Seth Rogen, who previously appeared on their Viceland show, to discuss an array of topics from his newly launched cannabis company to working with Donald Glover.

With the release of Long Shot and Lion King set to arrive this summer, Seth Rogen has a lot on his plate these days. Rogen had a few anecdotes to tell Desus & Mero during his recent appearance including some of his most memorable smoke sessions. He detailed how he once got high with Method Man at ComicCon one year but he also spoke about his recent encounter with Travis Scott.

"I recently was smoking weed with Travis Scott, just me and him comprise a weird weed-smoking circle," he said. "We get along really well... He's a hilarious [dude]. That was just, like, a week ago so it's fresh in my head. You always get along pretty well with people [who smoke]."

Rogen also detailed his experience working with Donald Glover on the upcoming Lion King movie which appears to have been a humbling experience for him.

"I did have to sing in a small room with Donald Glover, which, like it's one of the worst things I've ever had to do in my entire fucking life," Rogen said. "Normally, I'm in those types of situations and I'm able to tell myself, like, 'Oh, I'm funnier than this person.' But I'm not even funnier than he is, I don't think," he added. "I have nothing on him. He is more handsome, he sings better, and he's arguably just as funny as I am... It was a bummer. It bummed me out for a long time."