Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have been publicly proclaiming their love for one another since they began seeing each other a month ago. The lovebirds have since gotten engaged, and routinely take to social media to proclaim their ever-growing infatuation towards each other. 

However, Seth Rogen is not having any of it, taking to Instagram to showcase his exasperation. Davidson shared a sultry image of his fiancé, captioning the photo by stating "what the actual fuck 😍" Grande responded to his proclamation by telling her beau "i love you ☺️😇," to which he responded "i love u more tho."

Rogen then decided to chime in on their conversation by commenting on the post, declaring his disdain by writing "Guys seriously." As a result, the remark was liked over 2,600 times by other Instagram users, prompting Davidson to clap back by stating "@sethrogen when ur married to the hottest girl in the world you tell me how you'd act."