Kanye West seems to have some hilarious run ins with celebrities, more specifically, comedians. Dave Chapelle, Aziz Ansari and many others have shared hilarious anecdotes about their encounter with the Chicago native. Most recently, Seth Rogan shared a story about the time that Kanye West pulled up to his home to play a game of basketball.

Rolling Stone sat down with Seth Rogan for a new episode of "First Time." Seth Rogan said the first time he met Kanye West twelve years a go. The two of them work lived in the same area at the time and while on his morning jog, Kanye passed by Seth Rogan and said, "You're a funny motherfucker." He wasn't a hundred percent sure that it was Kanye West. However, Seth Rogan explained further that he confirmed it was Kanye after the "Yikes" rapper showed up to his door to play a game of basketball early in the morning.

Rogan said that he was sleeping in one morning and heard his doorbell ring, which is attached to his phone. His wife answered the phone only to find out that it was actually that it was Kanye at the door.

"She goes, ‘Who is this?’ and then I heard her go, ‘Kanye’ who?'" Rogan recalled. "And then I was like, ‘Oh, no! It’s Kanye West!’ And I ran downstairs, and he was literally standing downstairs with a basketball under his arm and was like, ‘You wanna come play?’ – like he was just a kid in the neighborhood. And I was like, ‘Dude, I’m so hungover. I can’t do this.' I’ve run into him periodically over the years. And I love Kanye West."

Peep the clip below.