Inside Tennis editor and magazine publisher Bill Simons for some reason thought it was okay to ask Serena Williams if she was "intimidated" by her competitor, Maria Sharapova's, “supermodel good looks.” The interview took place on Saturday where Bill quoted Donald Trump's comments on Maria and how he wanted to ask Serena this question for 14 years. 

“I know you want to get back to [your daughter] Olympia; work with me here, please. We’re in this together, baby," Bill said while Serena responded: “No, we’re not—you’re not going home to a screaming baby.”

Bill continued: “I have been waiting about 14 years to ask you this question: After the 2004 Wimbledon match with Maria, I had the opportunity to interview Donald Trump on his L.A. golf course, and he said that Maria’s shoulders were incredibly alluring and then he came up with his incredible analysis: that you were intimidated by her supermodel good looks. My question is: Have you ever been intimidated by anyone on a tennis court, and what are your thoughts about that occurrence?”

Serena remained calm and replied: “I honestly don’t have any thoughts about that. I can’t say I have been intimidated by anyone. That’s all. That’s it.”

Bill then tweeted an apology trying to avert his crisis. 

What's done is done, Bill.