Tennis champion, Serena Williams, will probably be back on the court in no time since sharing a picture of herself as the first official photo since having a baby.

The 36-year-old and her fiance, Reddit co-founder, welcomed Alexis Olympia on September 1st, where all we have seen on social media are sweet baby pictures of the little girl. 

But today, Serena Williams poses up in spandex shorts and a t-shirt with the slightest smirk for all her followers.

When Serena Williams was pregnant, she was still putting in work at the gym and seen on the court. She's bound to bounce back 100% (if not already) and possibly be on the docket for the upcoming Grand Slam in Australia this January, the same one she won when she was just in her 1st trimester.

"If she's ready, she'll play. If she's not, she won't play. I'm not a doctor. I can't decide when she's going to be ready to practice. If we can have enough practice so she can be ready, she'll play," Patrick Mouratoglou, Williams' coach, said at the U.S. Open at the beginning of the month, via The Globe & Mail

"I don't want her to go compete if she's not ready," Mouratoglou added. "I told her: 'You come if you're ready.' And I will do everything for her to be ready for Australia. But if she is not ready, of course she won't compete."

Alexis, who weighed in at 6 lbs 14 ounces, has been getting tons of love on social media from her parents. Her dad has been sharing a ton of photos with heartfelt captions. The sweetest one being, "Dad life is the greatest. Entrepreneurship is all-consuming, it's sleepless, we call our startups our "babies," we are ridiculously proud of them, and we pour all of ourselves into them -- but she is already all that and more, she is my legacy."

As well as another one detailing "parental leave". See below.