Sen. Elizabeth Warren is known for many things. She is an outspoken politician when it comes to Donald Trump, and has placed herself firmly in the trenches when it comes to fighting for her beliefs. Although many people may recognize her as an astute politician, Warren does have time to enjoy the finer things in life. Apparently, one of those finer things is watching Dwayne Johnson on HBO's Ballers. 

Warren tweeted out a snippet of an interview where she is asked about her love for the series. "I frankly found it a little shocking, and I need to use this opportunity to ask... you said that you're a big fan of the show Ballers?" asks the reporter. "Oh Yes!" exclaims Warren immediately. "Is it The Rock, is it the whole thing? Why Ballers?" continued the reporter. "It is The Rock," answered Warren in a low sultry voice. She then shakes her head in awe at the thought of Johnson. 

Johnson saw the tweet, and responded to Warren. "I appreciate the love Senator Warren. Enjoy our new season tonight and you have a big Rock sized hug coming when I see ya," he replied. This may be a friendship to monitor.