Selena Gomez found herself the target of some deviant social media behavior earlier this afternoon (August 28th) when her official Instagram account was hacked by unknown perpetrators. According to TMZ, the hackers shared three photos of Justin Bieber in the buff, allegedly taken by paparazzi photographers while the pop star was enjoying some vacation time in Bora Bora. All three of the photos are shots where you can plainly see Bieber's member.

Gomez's team thankfully squashed the hack pretty quickly, deactivating the account for a spell while the situation was being remedied. Her profile, as of this writing, seems to be back online and with any traces of the hack already scrubbed off of the main page. It is a pretty savage move when you consider that Gomez has over 125 million followers on the social media platform, so the cyber attack got lots of publicity. The hackers, whose online identities were linked back to three troll accounts with no hard information to go on, seemed to take pleasure in the fact that Bieber nudes were being shared, referring to the singer as "lil shrimpy." The reaction from fans and other bystanders online was one of shock, disgust and, more than once, laughter.

The hip-hop world has become somewhat of a magnet for Instagram hackers, who've been hitting some of the industry's biggest names over the course of this past summer. Rappers like J. Cole, Tyler, The Creator and others were all victims of  poached social media accounts, with the level of intensity varying on a case-by-case basis, in terms of the severity of the hack. No lasting damage was made in any of these cases, including Selena's, but one has to wonder why this kind of activity is becoming the norm where music celebrities, especially of the hip-hop variety, are concerned. At the time of this writing, neither Gomez or Bieber had responded to the hack or the image that it chose to publish. Only time will tell if hackers will attempt to get after the pop princess' Instagram account again, but for the time being, she appears to be safe once again.