An inquisitive fan that retrieved personal details from Selena Gomez' email accounts is in a world of trouble. Susan Atrach, a college student from New Jersey is accused of trespassing on Selena's personal accounts on several occasions. It is believed, Atrach obtained stored media of hers which she then shared overtly on social platforms. The specific accounts she gained access to were a Yahoo and iCloud handle Selena shared with her assistant.

Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that Susan Atrach did not reap any financial rewards for the personal information she stole. The hacker fell trap to her own devices when she rather carelessly reset account passwords, effectively leaving a digital footprint investigators were able to trace back to security questions.

Atrach is expected to turn herself without any trepidations. The Los Angeles Times reports that prosecutors have suggested bond be set at $250,000. Of course that decision lies squarely on the shoulders of a judge. That decision will likely take place on August 27 when Susan is scheduled to be arraigned. If convicted on all eleven felony charges she currently faces, Atrach would be required to complete a 9 years prison sentence, barring any special clauses. Selena Gomez wouldn't be the first celebrity to see her hacker off to prison; one in particular is doing bid for stealing digital property from Christina Aguilera, Renee Olstead and Scarlett Johansson.