In 2017, Selena Gomez’s life was saved as she underwent a successful kidney transplant. In an act of remarkable heroism, Francia Raisa, a longtime friend of Gomez’, donated her kidney. Both survived the procedure and Gomez sang praises of Raisa’s friendship, taking to Instagram to state “She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me." 

Gomez also spoke about how frail the situation left her. “I couldn’t pick up my dog," she reflected, following the procedure. "He’s 16 pounds. That was rough. I couldn’t walk him.” Apparently, she could not even handle minor household tasks. Pictures from the surgery can still be found on Gomez’ Instagram. Check out these pictures she posted with Raisa.

Since then, it seems the two have drifted apart, according to Radar Online. A source close to the two has told the website, “They haven’t talked at all since October.” It is also noteworthy that neither seems to have celebrated the other’s birthday on social media. This has been a common occurrence in years past. The source did not reveal what has led to the rift but hopefully neither hold any animosity towards each other. Maybe one day their friendship will be on stronger grounds.