Last week, pop icon Selena Gomez celebrated her 27th birthday. Fans all across the globe bestowed birthday wishes upon the singer, but nothing matched up to what Selena's best friends had in store for her. On Monday, the "Hands to Myself" singer shared a clip on social media that showed the moment she found out the Shark Tank surprise her besties planned to get her featured on her favorite show.

The clip shows the group of friends relaxing as they sit on a couch while watching television. The screen flashes from The Office to Friends to a Taylor Swift music video. Then, a familiar face pops on the screen. “Hey Selena, it’s Mark Cuban from Shark Tank," the mogul says. "I wanted to say happy 27th birthday."

There are a few more flashes of other television shows before a Shark Tank image appears with Selena's face overlayed. “SHARK TANK X SG,” it says on the screen “WE’RE GOING TO THE TANK IN SEPTEMBER.” Selena couldn't hold in her excitement as she looks around to see if the news is true while her friends confirm and laugh at her. In the caption for the video on Instagram Selena wrote, “Not many of you know but I am obsessed with shark tank. Two of my best friends nailed my gift 😁."