TMZ is reporting that Selena's mother had to be taken to the hospital after hearing that her daughter is romantically involved with the Canadian megastar once again. The gossip website, notorious for breaking a variety of scandals, both true and false, details a call to 911 placed on behalf of Mandy Teefey. In the report, police were apparently called to Teefey's L.A. hotel to perform a welfare check, apparently at the request of a family member. Selena's mother was then voluntarily transported to the nearest hospital to undergo further testing. 

The article alleges that Teefey was involved in a heated phone call with Gomez over her and Bieber's relationship, which apparently requires the famous duo to seek couple's counselling. Upon hearing the news, Teefey became so upset, that she required medical attention to calm herself down after realizing how serious their romance has become. 

Rumours have been swirling since their abrupt reunion on the seriousness of their rekindled relationship. It has been recently reported that Bieber, when asked about possibly proposing to the "Bad Liar" singer, blushed but did not give a concrete answer. 

Seeing as how Bieber and Gomez are easily two of the world's most talked about celebrities, for both their careers and private lives, it is no wonder a media outlet would try and capitalize on their growing social currency.