Over the last few days, there has been an influx of reports about Selah Marley. The 21-year-old daughter of Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill has been on Instagram Live sharing her intimate thoughts and moments from her childhood, and her comments have made headlines. Selah spoke freely about how her father's absence affected her and called her mother an "amazing woman" who has faults of her own. We reported on the story, as did many others, but Selah took to social media to call out The Shade Room specifically for their coverage of her remarks.


Later, Rohan Marley came forward to publicly apologize to his daughter, prompting Selah to issue a message telling people not to attack her parents."Yo @theshaderoom delete that sh*t. you took my post way out of context & highlighted the most negative, petty aspect that you could," she wrote. "Anyone who watched this & was present is aware of the depth and complexity of this topic. cut the sh*t and stop trivializing my human life to a stupid headline. f*ck off. stop creating more drama & trauma in people's lives. you are literally being the problem that I speak of. allow people to heal in peace."

Selah also wrote, "The shade room just loves a headline. the discussion that i had was a larger conversation about a certain trauma that i experienced from a lack of unity in the household... i'm glad so many of you were able to resonate with the healing that i speak of. but PLEASE do not go bashing my parents right now—especially, my father. i never said i did not love them. i said that their shortcomings created trauma that i now need to consciously and actively heal from."