As was recently reported, a sweeping arrest of 17 suspects potentially involved in the October robbery of Kim Kardashian was made by French police this morning. DNA evidence left at the crime scene, a private residence where Kim had been staying for Paris Fashion Week, as well as surveillance footage led authorities to discover certain suspects as well as a wider criminal network allegedly responsible for the $9 million jewelry robbery. Photos of three of the suspects, which have been obtained by TMZ, were taken by French photographers as the men were being escorted to the police station. 

French officials had originally suggested that the group responsible for the jewelry theft was an experienced criminal organization, seeing that some of the suspects were in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. The oldest of those arrested is reportedly 72. But the photos of the three suspects that have been released by the press show men who each look to be younger than the ages just mentioned. The aspect of the crime that these men are suspected of taking part in is unknown, though due to their young ages, it is unlikely that they are the brains behind the whole operation. According to TMZ, three of the 17 suspects are women. 

Check out all of the photos here, and stay tuned to see if pictures of the rest of the suspects become available.