As Kim Kardashian is getting comfortable in the spotlight again, more light has been shed upon the robbery that caused her to become a recluse for the last few months of 2016. The French news channel TF1 has released photos from the crime scene, along with stills from surveillance footage of some of the elderly suspects who have been charged for their involvement in the heist. 

The batch of visual evidence, which can be seen via TMZ, includes photos of the bedroom and bathroom of the private Parisian residence where Kim was detained in the early hours of Oct. 3. The robbers had entered the premises disguised as police officers. They held Kim at gunpoint while they made away with about $10 million of jewelry. They made a relatively minuscule profit when they sold the loot on the black market.

From the pictures taken at the scene, one can see a roll of duct tape, used to tie Kim's hands, as well as the gag that was used to silence her. Kim had been in the city for Paris Fashion Week and was staying alone on that harrowing night. 

There are also photos of some of the suspects meeting at a cafe multiple times after the robbery. As mentioned, the men responsible for the crime are senior citizens and career criminals, known to French authorities by nicknames like "Old Omar" ("Omar le Vieux"), "Blue Eyes" ("Yeux Bleus"), and "Broken Nose" ("Nez Râpé"). A total of 10 suspects have been charged thus far.