We've been feasting our eyes on fan-shot footage of Yeezy's "All Day" video, and now, we've got a clip of an upcoming Weezy video. It looks like Lil Wayne is busy shooting the video to "HollyWeezy", which was one of the few original productions off Wayne's recent mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait 2

In the clip below, you can see Wayne rapping "HollyWeezy" in front of a green-screen that projects visuals of stormy clouds, billowing smoke, and shots of Hollygrove, Weezy's home neighborhood. You can see a few photos from the shoot here

Lil Wayne is currently in the middle of a legal battle with Cash Money, but it's good to see he's still working hard. We hope the official "HollyWeezy" video will drop soon, along with The Free Weezy Album, which he said would be out this month.