Blac Youngsta's antics continue to bring entertainment to the masses. Whether it be enjoying himself a little too much on stage, flexing with a Scrooge-McDuckian amount of cash, or simply immersing himself in more asses than one can fathom. The man understands the importance of throwing caution to the wind. As such, his concerts often transform into veritable Twerk Team auditions, with Youngsta playing the role of overseer.  Though let it be forewarned. Should one step on stage to grind on Blac Youngsta, one's wig must be fastened appropriately, lest the consequences be dire.

One unfortunate young woman learned a hard lesson during a recent Youngsta show. Initially, she seemed eager to make a lasting impression, climbing onto the stage in an attempt to make Youngsta's night. It started so smoothly, with both parties seeming to enjoy the exchange. Unfortunately, Youngsta may have been listening to Xzibit's "Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair" before the show, and ended up getting a little too rowdy. Before the woman could realize what was happening, her wig was already sliding down her face.

Luckily, her reactions were razor quick, but the damage was already done. There's no telling what happened afterward, as the video cut off. Still, let this be a cautionary tale. Should grinding on Blac Youngsta be something you might be considering, be sure to secure your wig appropriately.