This morning, Kanye West met with the President-elect, Donald Trump, after making his way from the West Coast to the East Coast. I's been reported that the main reason for Ye's trip to New York City was to interview pyschiatrists, in order to secure one for when he's on the East Coast and join his overall treatment team. However he was able to add another meeting to the books while he was in the city, paying a visit to Trump Tower.

Donald Trump and his family have been heavily protected by the Secret Service since the election results arrived, and an official from the Secret Service assures us that Kanye posed no threat to Trump, hence the meeting was approved. The official made reference to Kanye's personal plight in his statement, saying, "Personal problems that Mr. West is working through does not establish him as a security threat to President-elect Trump."

The Secret Service cleared the meeting, and it was reportedly Trump who made the fifteen-minutes-only decision for the sit-down.