Last week we reported on an incident involving Gucci Mane and a soldier, for which Gucci was wanted for assault. This is not the first time the rapper has been in trouble with the police for some form of assault, and it's not the last either-- now another man has come forward with a similar story to the aforementioned soldier.

WSBTV 2 in Atlanta reports that a second man claims Gucci Mane assaulted him, just two nights after he hit a soldier on the head with a bottle of champagne. The ATL police say Gucci still hasn't turned himself in for the latter incident. 

The second man who has a come forward, who asked to be called TJ, says that the "Spring Breakers" actor punched him in the jaw on March 18th in Philadelphia.

"He punched me on the left side of my face, right here in the jaw, knocking off my glasses," TJ said. TJ said that he was at Club Onyx in Philly to see the Bricksquad rapper perform. After the show, he went to shake hands with Gucci and say hi, but what he got in return was a punch to the face.

TJ said of injuries, "I sustained a chipped tooth in the back. I sustained also swelling on the left side." TJ was disappointed with Gucci's reaction, "You just don't go around hitting your fans," he said.

Gucci Mane has upcoming shows in Florida and Virginia, however investigators are hoping to talk to the rapper before then.