The Los Angeles Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game on Sunday by a score of 26-23 in overtime. It was an incredibly exciting game, however, one interesting storyline was the lack of playing time for Rams star running back Todd Gurley. Gurley was seen on the sidelines for the majority of the game, with some thinking he may be injured. Rams coach Sean McVay explained what happened with Gurley on Sunday. 

“I for sure should’ve done a better job of getting Todd more involved,” McVay explained to reporters. “Todd’s healthy. He’s feeling good. … I’ve got to get him more opportunities.”

Gurley was involved early, but he dropped a couple passes and wasn't effective at picking up yards, although he did end up punching in a touchdown in the first half. 

“The whole team did its thing,” Gurley said, via “Everybody kept me up during the game. That's why it's a team sport. This is the greatest team sport in America. It takes everybody, everybody on the team and that's what we did.”

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

McVay continued by saying Gurley will definitely get a better shot to show just how good he is when the team goes to the Super Bowl.

“He didn't have a lot of opportunities to play much better,” McVay said according to Sporting News. “I think that's where I've got ownership in that as well and the great thing about it is he'll get a chance to make a big-time contribution and have a big-time role in our game against the Patriots.”

The Super Bowl will be played on February 3rd in Atlanta.