Sean McVay is considered a genius head coach in the NFL thanks to his unique approach to the game. The Los Angeles Rams head coach is seen as an offensive guru who runs high-risk plays that yield even higher rewards. Unfortunately or the Rams, this coaching style didn't exactly pay off in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick's team outlasted the Rams, winning the game by a score of 13-3. McVay's offense was embarrassingly impotent in the match, with quarterback Jared Goff struggling to generate offense.

In a recent piece by Sports Illustrated, McVay took the blame for his team's struggles, saying it was because he overprepared for the game and that is affected his playcalling ability.

“In the back of my mind, [when making the Super Bowl game plan back in L.A.], I operated knowing I had another week," McVay explained. "That urgency to completely finalize the gameplan wasn’t quite there, and that led to me watching so much film that you can almost water down your thought process.”

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

McVay also explained that having watched so much film on the Patriots, it made him want to try things that the team hadn't done all season, which ultimately tainted the gameplan.

"You have so much time that you can over-prepare and get away from some of the things that helped you get there," McVay continued.

Considering the team is loaded with talent, it isn't a stretch to think the Rams could wind up back in the big game next season. McVay has clearly learned from his mistakes which is something Rams fans should take solace in.