TMZ reports that Sean Kingston has settled a lawsuit with a 22-year-old woman, who accused him and his former body guards of gang rape in 2010. 

It should be noted that Kingston's settlement is not an admission of guilt-- he has maintained his innocence, and is very confident that were the case to go to trial, he would have easily proved this in court. However, the singer has a new album and tour to worry about, and simply doesn't have the time for legal matters.

A source close to Kingston has also dismissed the claims. "Her story wasn't consistent. She told various stories throughout her interviews with police. Her friend's story wasn't consistent with hers. The medical report had no indications of force."

Sean has confirmed that he and the woman did have sex in 2010, but maintains that the affair was consensual.

Reports indicate that the settlement was a fraction of what the alleged victim was originally asking for. The lawsuit should be dismissed in the near future.