It's been eight years since Sean Kingston last released an album. As he readies his long-awaited comeback with his new project Deliverance, he's been making the rounds at various publications to reflect on his time away from music. He stopped by HNHH to dish on writing hits for Chris Brown and Lil Mosey, as well as his start on Youtube. He recently stopped by the No Jumper podcast to chat with Adam22 about bad decisions he made during his initial rise to fame, including drinking lean with Justin Bieber

"I started, you know, not drinking lean but like basically, yeah drinking lean," he says before erupting into laughter along with podcast host Adam22. He continues, "You feel me, just getting in the wrong stuff and wrong crowd and kind of lost my way a little bit, thank God I didn't go too deep into it."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"But it was kind of like a situation where I was going through a depressed moment a little bit..." he continued before Adam22 interrupts to ask if Bieber got him into lean or if he influenced the pop star to try out the dirty Sprite. 

"Um, shoot, I think he got me into it I don't even know how he got into it," says Kingston. Adam then asks how it was sipping with Bieber, to which he responds, "It was legendary. That was legendary. But I was like damn, Bieber, you messed up after this."

"You're on board with that theory that he's the one that got it banned?" asks Adam22 referring to the Actavis brand of codeine cough syrup discontinued in 2014 after being name-dropped by multiple rap artists as Kingston nods his head. They then launch into a discussion about the ballooned prices of Actavis after the ban. 

Elsewhere in the interview, he spoke about living the young pop star life and temporary people coming in and out of his life. Check out the full conversation and let us know what you think of his revelation.