Richard Sherman didn't want to be on the field for last night's Thursday Night "Poopfest" against the LA Rams, but he has to be happy with the result. 

What he wasn't happy with was how the Seahawks continue to throw the ball when their on the doorstep of the endzone. He blew up on offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on the sidelines during last night's game and explained his reasoning after the game.

"I'm upset about us throwing from the 1 (yard line)," Sherman told reporters.

"I'd rather do what most teams do and make a conscientious decision to run the ball," Sherman said with a smile. "I was letting (Bevell) know ... We've seen that and I'm sure you guys have seen that play enough times."

With last night's 24-3 victory of the lowly Rams, Seattle clinched the NFC West crown and are currently the #3 overall seed in the NFC, with the potential to move up to #2 (and in position for a 1st round Bye) if the Giants can beat the Lions this Sunday.

Seattle might want to reconsider their fake punts while up by 21 points in the fourth though.