For a while there, in the mid-2000s, 50 Cent was the most visible hip hop star in the country. To this day, he's the only rapper that my 86-year-old grandma can name. Such was his prominence that if you were writing a script for a television show or movie and needed shorthand for "a gangster rapper who everyone knows," odds are you'd pick him. Perfectly fitting the bill for the street-affiliated, unfuckwithable image popularized by '90s legends Tupac and Biggie, Fif also had a dash of showmanship that made him a little less intimidating to the general public. 

Taraji P. Henson's use of his name on this week's season premiere of "Empire" was certainly a little more nuanced and clever than your average Curtis Jackson reference, specifically citing his habit of using petty tactics to market his various entrepreneurial ventures (his competing show "Power," in this case). More often than not though, the Get Rich Or Die Trying star's name seemed to pop up in film and TV as the answer to a Mad Libs-style "insert rapper here" spot in the script. 

Here are ten times we've heard Fif's name called out onscreen (appearances and cameos by the man himself aren't included here-- that's a list for another time). Some are much lamer than others, most occurred during his early-to-mid-2000s heyday, and many are surprising.