Following the airing of ESPN's "The Last Dance" documentary, there were reports going around that Scottie Pippen was upset with his famous teammate Michael Jordan. Pippen wasn't exactly portrayed in the best light during the documentary so it's easy to see why he would potentially be upset. After all, without Scottie, MJ doesn't win those six rings. 

Well, it doesn't seem like things are too bad between the two as today, Pippen took to Twitter where he posted a throwback Thursday photo which depicts him holding up Michael Jordan after the infamous Flu Game. This took place during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals and despite having really bad food poisoning Jordan scored 38 points and gave his Bulls a lead in the series.

If Pippen really had bad blood with MJ, he probably would have avoided posting this. With this in mind, we're glad the two are on good terms as they truly are the greatest duo in NBA history. As we mentioned, Jordan struggled to have playoff success before Pippen came along and without him, there is an argument to be made that MJ wouldn't have half as many titles.

As for the Flu Game, we're sure MJ never looked at pizza the same after that.