Scottie Pippen has been making some questionable comments as of late and on Monday, he continued to stir the pot when it comes to his time with the Chicago Bulls. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Scottie claimed that Phil Jackson was a racist who would try to prop up white players over his black superstars. Pippen also had some harsh words for the likes of Michael Jordan, as he called the legendary six-time champion "selfish."

"Yeah It was a big decision, but It was a selfish decision, but it was kind of who Michael Jordan was," Pippen said about Michael's decision to play baseball. "That was a guy who believed he can do anything on his own"

Pippen went on to talk about "The Last Dance" and how the entire documentary was just yet another move by Jordan to control his legacy. Pippen felt like Jordan was just trying to control narratives and that in the end, it was disrespectful to other members of the Bulls.

"You know all those cameras who was sitting in that huddle, who they was working for?" Pippen asked. "You know who Michael was speaking to, right? That was planned. That was speaking to the camera. That wasn't speaking out of, what we're gonna have to do, what the play is gonna be. That was speaking to the camera."

Needless to say, Pippen has a lot to get off his chest and during this current media run, he's making sure his message is heard.

Scottie Pippen

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Haute Living