During the early stages of the pandemic, "The Last Dance" immediately became a huge hit amongst sports fans as they got to see an in-depth documentary that shed light on Michael Jordan's career with the Chicago Bulls. While the documentary was very entertaining, some people felt like Jordan was throwing his teammates under the bus and that he tried to make himself look as good as possible. Following the 10-part series, there were rumors that former teammates like Scottie Pippen were "livid" by their portrayal.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Pippen spoke about "The Last Dance" and how he felt about the whole thing. Pippen noted that he confronted Jordan about the documentary and voiced his displeasure. The Bulls legend also claimed that the documentary backfired on Jordan as it made him look like a tyrant.

Michael Jordan

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“I don’t think it was that accurate in terms of really defining what was accomplished in one of the greatest eras of basketball, but also by two of the greatest players – and one could even put that aside and say the greatest team of all time,” Pippen said. “I didn’t think those things stood out in the documentary. I thought it was more about Michael trying to uplift himself and to be glorified. I think it also backfired to some degree in that people got a chance to see what kind of personality Michael had. [...] “I told him I wasn’t too pleased with it. He accepted it. He said, ‘hey, you’re right’. That was pretty much it.”

Pippen is a Top 50 player in the history of the NBA and as Jordan's right-hand man, he has been disrespected over the years. Clearly, he felt "The Last Dance" was even more disrespect on his name, and he needed to put an end to it. Hopefully, the documentary hasn't hurt their relationship, too much.

Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen

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