Scottie Pippen was Michael Jordan's right-hand man when they played together on the Chicago Bulls during their epic dynasty back in the 1990s. The two won six championships together and if there is anybody who knows Jordan's playing style inside and out, it would be Pippen. That's why he's one of the best people to ask when it comes to Doc Rivers recent comments that Kawhi Leonard is the closest player to Michael Jordan that we have ever seen.

"He is the most like (Michael) Jordan that we've seen," Rivers said. "Not that he is Jordan or anything like that, but he's the most like him. Big hands, post game, can finish, great leaper, great defender, in-between game, if you beat him to the spot he bumps you off and then you add his three-point shooting."

Kobe Bryant fans lit Rivers up for his comments saying the Lakers legend was much closer to Jordan than Kawhi. Pippen recently spoke to TMZ where he agreed with the Kobe fans, saying Bryant is right up there with Kawhi when it comes to the Jordan comparison. 

Pippen still gave props to Leonard and wasn't able to come up with a concrete answer as to who is actually closer. Until Kawhi wins more rings, you have to give it to Kobe, although there's no question just how dominant the Raptors superstar is.