Media personalty and former Hot 97 producer Scottie Beam recently took to social media to reveal details surrounding a horrifying incident at New York City's Knockdown Center venue during Peterpalooza.

“Yesterday, I was punched, kicked & pushed by a security guard at @knockdowncenter for simply not moving exactly where he wanted me to move,” she first tweeted.

“For those asking, no I did not raise my voice, I did not touch this man, I just tried to call someone on my phone," Beam clarified. "My face is swollen &my knee is swollen, I’ve asked for the mans name and the other security guards wouldn’t tell me at the @knockdowncenter.”

According to Beam in an email to the FADER, the guard was hired through a third-party and the venue could not provide any information on he security guard.

"The Security Guard company is called Gorilla Force; they won't give me his real name," Beam told The FADER. "The owner of the company claims he contracted the guard under a nickname "Black" and has no info about him. Abuse by security guards is normalized and shouldn't be. Please speak out."