In addition to his magical hit-making abilities, Scott Storch is renowned for his affection for designer sunglasses, yachts, and cocaine. The 42-year-old producer filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, only to be brought back to life by his sublime keyboard work on Rick Ross' "Sorry." According to the Hollywood Reporter, the saga of Storch has taken yet another turn; the two individuals who claimed to have helped him recover from bankruptcy are now suing him for breach of contract and alleged drug use.

Real estate mavens Brad Cohen and Seth Cohen claim they bankrolled Storch following his bankruptcy with a weekly salary, Rolls-Royce, and a house in Florida, under the condition that he abstain from drug use. The Cohens allege that they discovered that Storch was using drugs again in December. Here is an excerpt from their complaint:

"B. Cohen and S. Cohen had an agreement with Storch that B. Cohen and S. Cohen would take the Rolls-Royce Ghost away from Storch if he failed a drug test or it was otherwise discovered by B. Cohen and/or S. Cohen that Storch was using drugs. In mid-December 2015, B. Cohen and S. Cohen discovered that Storch was again using drugs and demanded return of the vehicle. The vehicle is in S. Cohen name and S. Cohen did not want it to become an insurance liability. Upon information and belief, the demand that Storch return the vehicle partially led to B. Cohen and S. Cohen falling out of grace with Storch."

It appears that the parties are not disputing Storch's drug use but rather the legality of his agreement with the Cohens.

"The lawsuit attaches documents that are forged," Storch's attorney told The Hollywood Reporter. "The lawsuit was filed in violation of federal law and we will be seeking a federal contempt order against the plaintiffs and their lawyers. The lawsuit is not serious and the only reason it was filed is to garnish publicity for the plaintiffs. Accordingly, it will be treated as nonsense."

Storch has often been found raining magic on the keys, his ever-present cigarette in hand. Conspicuously located in the foreground of the Instagram video below is a giant bong. Let's see if Storch can get out of this one and deliver more hits to the people.