The Scott Storch press run continues with a stop on The Cruz Show, and with it comes a new batch of intriguing insight. When Dr. Dre's Detox is brought up, Scott confirms that the project is still in the pipeline. “I think it’s gonna happen man," he says, "matter of fact, I know that it’s gonna happen." When Cruz meets the proclamation with disbelief, Storch is undeterred. "That's the D.R.E. He's a perfectionist," he says. "You waited ten years last time. Dre he be killing it. More to come from him for sure."

Now, longtime Dre fans have grown wary of all things Detox, given the tumultuous nature of its notorious "release" cycle. Though singles like the Snoop Dogg assisted "Kush" and the Eminem assisted "I Need A Doctor" served as tangible proof that the album indeed existed, the quality fell unfortunately short of the expected Dre standard. And while we did land the excellent and underrated Compton as a consolation prize, Detox has remained a hip-hop legend for nearly a decade now. To hear Scott Storch spill the beans with such confidence is enough to reopen that cautious optimism, for better or worse. 

Damn you Scott. I don't know if we can take it. Peep the interview below; Dre talk kicks off around the 2:15 mark.