Scott Storch was once one of the most sought-after producers in the game, but his downfall is as well-known as his success. Addictions he picked up within the industry are said to have drained the beatmaker of both his $70 million net worth, and his desire to make music, and despite returning to music on Rick Ross' Mastermind in 2014, Storch just recently filed for bankruptcy.

Luckily, Scott has been keeping up his renaissance, telling TMZ he's been in the lab with Rick Ross, Tyga, and Chris Brown, and the songs are hot enough that they should pull him out of debt before the summer's over (he claims Brown's album will be out by then).

According to his filing, Storch only has $100 in cash, so any earnings would help at this point, though he's also said to be rocking a $3,000 watch, something he should maybe consider pawning in the meantime.